With 8 years experience, I've occupied many roles including digital design,
web designer and developer. This site showcases some of my work.

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Work History

Below is a show case of the work I have carried out over the past 8 years.

My work experance has mainly been an in house developer where I have manged and developed the companies websites. Over the years I have also carried out the odd bit of Freelance work as well.


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SilkBalance UK

  • Worked as a Freelance Developer
  • From May 2018 - To Nov 2018
  • Developing a Bootstrap website
  • Setting up basic SEO

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Happy Hot Tubs

  • Working as a Full Time Developer
  • From Nov 2014 - To Current
  • Developing & Updating WebSites
  • Working on Social Media Campains

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Investment Mastery

  • Worked as a Full Time Web Developer
  • From Jan 2012 - To Feb 2014
  • Developing 4 WordPress Sites
  • Creating email templates

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Simply Planning

  • Working as a Freelance Developer
  • From Oct 2016 - To July 2017
  • Updating WordPress Website
  • Giving advice about Hosting the website

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Emotional Problem Solving Ltd

  • Working as a Freelance Developer
  • From Oct 2008 - To Oct 2009
  • Developed a HTML CSS website
  • Fixed issues in wordpress when website was Converted

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Dog Walking UK

  • Working as a Freelance Developer
  • From Jan 2019 - To Current
  • Developing a bootstrap Website for fun
  • Looking to sell

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STR Group

  • Working as a Full Time Developer
  • From May 2014 - To Sept 2014
  • Writing cross-browser compliant HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Devising SEO strategies
  • Identifying and correcting code issues
  • PHP & PL/SQL backend development

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Franchise Cloud Software

  • Working as a Full Time Developer
  • From June 2011 - To Dec 2011
  • Backend System Programming
  • Front End HTML client programming
  • Database Progamming / Configuration setup
  • Web services / architecture

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Vibe Software LTD

  • Working as a Temp Developer
  • From Jan 2011 - To Feb 2011
  • Frontend Development
  • Some Backend Development

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Villa In France

  • Working as a Freelance Developer
  • From June 2013 - To June 13
  • HTML & CSS
  • Set up SEO
  • JavaScript


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Email Templates

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